Arkansas Duck Hunting Lease



Arkansas Duck Hunting Leases

For hunters looking for an Arkansas duck-hunting lease, BMW Hunting is the outfitter to rely on. They offer 26,000 acres of prime hunting property that ranges in environment creating a rich, diverse hunting ground. BMW Hunting offers a variety of duck hunting leases that enable hunters to benefit from flooded fields or green timber locations, with over 100 quality vantage points to hunt from. They currently list multiple duck hunting properties online, providing hunters with detailed reports of the location, season availability, land and acreage details for a complete description. Hunters can also lease pits by day or by year depending on the hunterís individual request and property availability.

Reliability, Trust, Success

BMW Hunting ensures that Arkansas is where the ducks are and their experienced guides know where to take hunters to take part in the most memorable and successful duck hunting of the season. They provide everything needed for an enjoyable hunting trip including lodging, meals, equipment, dogs and transportation to and from the hunting site. For those interested in booking a duck-hunting trip with BMW visit or call (870) 219-3523.

Tentative Duck Season Dates

BMW wants hunters to know that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has set three tentative dates for the nearing duck season. These dates include:

November 20 through November 28, December 9 through December 23 and December 26 through January 30.

November 25 through December 5, December 11 through December 23 and December 26 through January 30.

November 20 through November 28, December 7 through January 17 and January 22 through January 30.

To ensure that all duck hunting is performed within the actual season dates, BMW Hunting suggests that all hunters check for the final set duck season dates at the end of August. These dates will be chosen by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and should be confirmed before firing a single shot. Safety and Legality are always followed with BMW Hunting.

For more information about Arkansas duck hunt lease call (870) 219-3523.


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