Duck Season 2010



Duck Season 2010

The count down is on with approximately three months till season open. Hunters across the nation are preparing for one of the most successful seasons ever. Three tentative season dates for duck season have been announced by the AGFC with the set dates to be announced the end of August. Season dates will begin in the fall of 2010 and extend into and ending in 2011. With the knowledge that the 2010 duck season is so close how are hunters preparing?

Duck Hunting Gear And Clothing Inventory

Every good hunter knows that you have to maintain your equipment, which means doing an inventory, cleaning decoys, blinds, guns, trailers and boats. You have to make sure that you are “squared away” for the upcoming season. Items may require repairs; replacement or a new item may be needed. It’s important to assess your gear, hunting location, retrievers and guns. Make sure that what you have is in good working order and is organized for quick retrieval. Also be sure to do an inventory on safety equipment as well. Restock emergency kits as needed, so that if an injury or accident occurs you have what you need, when you need it.

Preparation Is Part Of Hunting Success

If you inspect your duck hunting gear for potential problems that need attention now, you don’t have to put effort into repairs when you can be out there taking ‘em down during the season. As a part of preseason preparation a good hunter is always scouting. If you change your landscape you could change your luck. Searching for a new hunting area is like looking for treasure. It’s the anticipation of the pleasures it could bring. Scouting should be done both before and during season. This helps you to learn where the ducks are working. You may need new scenery due to empty skies or over crowding from public hunting locations. Scouting is a prime part of preparation. Get yourself in order with equipment that is as ready to go as you are.

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