Duck Hunting Gear & Duck Hunting Clothing



Duck Hunting Gear & Duck Hunting Clothing

Choosing the right duck hunting gear and duck hunting apparel for your duck hunt is a key component to a successful trip. Your duck hunting apparel keeps you protected from the outdoor elements, while your duck hunting supplies aid you in having a more convenient hunting experience. Having duck hunting gear such as headlamps, a quality pocketknife and GPS system simply make your experience more pleasant. When choosing your duck hunting gear or duck hunting clothing you want to consider the hunting environment. Is it wet, dry, hot or cold? Being prepared with duck hunting apparel that protects you from the weather makes for the ability to remain outdoors for longer periods of time, increasing your chance for success.

When choosing your camouflaged outerwear think layers. Layers allow a hunter to adjust to temperature. A quad system is most beneficial. Consider a camouflage coat that includes a liner and a jacket. Also choose rainproof clothing. The best duck hunting often comes with inclement weather. Choose clothing that can be worn in the rain, snow and ice. Itís also beneficial to select a camouflage pattern that is versatile and can be used in more than one hunting environment. Two useful patterns include shadow grass and break up. For the best results shop clothing that is specifically made for waterfowl hunting. Some trusted duck hunting clothing providers include:

  • Columbia
  • Browning
  • Winchester
  • Remington
  • McAlister
  • 10 X

Choose footwear that protects your feet from the wet and cold conditions of the outdoors. Frostbite, trench foot and chilblains are a threat when spending hours in the water and cold. These conditions can be very dangerous so it is vital to choose duck hunting footwear that is comfortable, insulated and durable. If you are hunting in areas where water will be knee deep or below look for hip boots. If the water is above the knees shoot for waders. Some trusted duck hunting footwear providers include:

  • La Crosse
  • Rocky
  • Red Ball
  • Cabela's

For more information about duck hunting apparel and duck hunting supplies call (870) 219-3523.


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