Arkansas Duck And Goose Hunting



Duck And Goose Hunting

Unless you have hunted game it may be difficult to explain what is so thrilling about the experience. Perhaps itís the anticipation. A hunter is up before dawn, nestled in their blind, tree or field as they wait for just the right moment as the ducks circle over-head or the geese gather in the field. You take aim and pull the trigger. Adrenaline courses and you are ready to leap as pride fills you for you now have your prize.

Itís The Entire Package

Itís not only the thrill of the kill; itís the entire experience. Gathered with friends or family, it becomes a social event. The fresh air surrounds you along with the God given beauty of nature. It is not one thing that out weighs another in a waterfowl hunt, but the combination of anticipation, then excitement, than satisfaction. Itís almost like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. The quiet climb, building anticipation, the sight and sound of the game bird and the rush as you display your skill and talent of taking down your prey.

Itís A Part Of Who We Are

For all we know as a hunter it is in our blood. Duck and goose hunting has been a part of manís way of life since our ancestors first walked the earth. It began as a means of food, nourishment for survival. It later became a challenge as it became a popular sporting event. For others it is a tradition. You pack up and head out to your favorite hunting lodge or cabin to connect with other hunters. No matter what your reason or belief behind the thrill of duck and goose hunting, the experience is worth the trip. BMW Hunting is revving up to help hunters from across the country prepare for the 2010-2011 duck season as we speak. Their guided hunts fill fast due to the continual success of each yearís hunting excursion. To book your Arkansas duck hunting trip visit or call (870)-219-3523.

For more information about duck and goose hunting call (870) 219-3523.


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